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The Darkness, the Distance, the Road, and the Owl

The first to come was the darkness, right after coloring the night skies in dark blue. It sat down on the branch, next to the owl, and asked, “Wise owl, do you know why everybody fears me so?”

The owl fixed his gaze upon the black horizon and answered, “Unlike us, animals, humans can’t see through you; they can’t grasp you. When you can’t understand something, you fear it. That’s why they depend on artificial lights.”

“But I can’t fight the light. It’s too strong. It’s everywhere I am.” The darkness sighed.

“Remind the humans that their secrets, the wishes they whisper in their hearts before falling asleep, are all safe with you. Do that, and they’ll stop fearing you.” The darkness thanked the owl, nodded silently, and left.

The second to come was the distance. It sat beside the pondering owl, awe-inspired by its proximity to the protector of the night, and asked, “Wise owl, why do humans either look at us distances with longing, dreaming of how their lives would be like if they could only reach us, but when they do reach us, they are always disappointed?”

The owl, still as a statue, raised his severe eyes to the pale moon above. “Unlike us, animals, humans are never satisfied with their lives. They always want to be some place else, far away from where they are. You, distance, hold great promise. They believe you have the ability to change their lives for the better,” the owl said.

“But I don’t,” the distance said, frustrated.

“Of course, you don’t. Only they can change their lives. Teach them to be happy wherever they are, and they will stop blaming you for their disappointments.”

The distance thanked the owl and stepped aside, enabling the road to approach the owl. “Wise owl,” the road said hesitantly, “why do humans always focus on the destination? Why can’t they ever enjoy their way, us, the roads, leading them to that destination?”

“Unlike us, animals, humans believe they need to accomplish a goal in this life; they believe they need to justify their existence. Tell them it’s alright not to know why they’re here, help them accept it, and they will start enjoying you more.”

The owl was left alone, again. The silence of the night soothed him. His loneliness didn’t scare him. He just wanted to be.

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