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Publications and Awards





Online Publications – Fiction

Digital Anthology of selected flash fiction published by the Short Story Project

“Freckles Only Visit Special People”

“The One-Sided Story of the One-Sided Girl”

* Sadly, the 404 Words Magazine stopped operating in April 2016. For this reason, the stories which had been originally published there can now be found on my website.

Berlin Unspoken

A publication in the winter edition of Berlin Unspoken (a print magazine in Berlin)

Various Publications on Online Writing Platforms/Social Media




Online Publications – Nonfiction

In the past, I’d worked as a freelance content writer and occasional journalist. Among others, I’d written for the most popular Hebrew magazine in Berlin, Spitz Magazine and for several clients, including Easy German Tel Aviv – a private Tel-Aviv based German school.

As a journalist, I mainly covered the tech scene in Berlin. Most of my work as a freelance writer and translator (English-Hebrew-German) involved writing in Hebrew, though.

Some of these include:

An article for Spitz magazine about digital Berlin

An interview with Dr. Gal Goldstein for Spitz magazine

A blog post for Easy German Tel Aviv

I also published several blog posts. These include:

1. An SEO blog post I had written (this blog isn’t very much alive at the moment, I’m afraid):

“When did we stop caring?”

2. A blog post about climate change. I had written it in German.

“Ein selbstverantwortlicher Klimaschutz: Warum sollten wir nicht auf die Politiker warten?”


404 Words

The following flash fiction story I had written won first place in the international flash fiction competition “404 Words”:
“The Darkness, the Distance, the Road, and the Owl”

ABC Tales

“And You Call Yourself a Diva?!”

“The Unknown White”

The César Egido Serrano Foundation

My micro story was chosen as one of the 200 finalists (out of 46,911 stories!!!) in the foundation’s international micro story competition.