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Let Me Tell You About “Love”

What could possibly go wrong when looking for love in a #selfie world?

Novella Synopsis

My name is Juliana. I’m twenty-eight, and I moved to Berlin five years ago. To counter its heinous weather, Berlin offers some of the most beautiful people in the world. But guess what? None of them wants a real relationship; an open one or a cuddle party at best!

It’s a cold and rainy day in January, and I’m having a horrible day; My love confession to my boyfriend/friend with benefits/my whatever in the last seven months went all wrong in the morning (yup, he doesn’t feel the same way) and if that’s not enough, I’m having a meltdown at work.

Will I be in my cubicle for the rest of my life?

Will I ever have the guts to quit my job and realize my dream?

Will I always be stuck in Berlin’s casual dating scene in my fruitless search for love?

As I walk home, soaked from the rain and full of self-pity, I find a peculiar business card that reads:

Raphael—Personal Guardian Angel

I pick it up and smirk—after all, Berlin is home to the strangest things. To distract myself from my problems, I email this “angel”.

Boy, I’m surprised when he enters the cozy bar! Raphael is a to-die-for, crazy-hot Adonis who looks like he’s out of this world. I try to resist his charm (after all, he’s a disturbed individual who claims he’s a guardian angel), but as the night progresses, it gets harder and harder.

Could Raphael really be who he claims to be?

Read the novella to find out.