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Bringing Back Daniel Cohen

A Nomadic Jewish magician, forced to take people's pain away, must choose: his freedom from a WWII General or saving humanity

Novel Synopsis

Lerin the Fix-Wiz, an immortal Jewish magician, is tired from years wandering the world, constantly changing aliases and looks. He just wants to remember the man he used to be and the family he left behind, find the island from his dreams, and disappear. But he can’t. Bound to his eternal contract with the malicious WWII General Dolen, the captor of his stolen memories, Lerin is forced to collect people’s pains and give them to his boss.

Along with his assistant and bestie Moiko—a melodramatic, foul-mouthed white magician’s rabbit—and a red, magical chest, Lerin finds himself on the road. Again. This time, it’s hipster Berlin, where four clients have booked his Quick-Fix services. After his street magic show in Alexanderplatz, he is approached by a woman who claims to know who he really is and how he can obtain his old memories and freedom. All he has to do is take the pain away from four individuals and deliver them to her employer, Mr. A.

The catch? Not only are these the four clients General Dolen is after, but their pains are the last he and his nemesis, Mr. A, need to execute their plans. The results of which may bring a deadly virus to Earth and turn people into emotionless, blood-thirsty monsters. Torn between his desire to trust the red-headed woman and remember Daniel Cohen—his true identity— Lerin finds himself in a lose-lose situation: his freedom might lead to the end of humanity.