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English, Short Stories

The Witch of the Abandoned Streets

The witch of the abandoned streets sits on a bench and curses the world in her obscure witch language. She is cursing all those passers-by heading toward destinations she will never arrive at; she is cursing all those elusive pieces of time which had slipped through her thin fingers; she is cursing the superior entity above, although she is not convinced it or he or she exists any longer. Did this miserable world ever hear of such a witch? A witch who lacks witchcraft altogether but is still, nonetheless, a witch?

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Lyrical Prose

The Girl and the Rain

The nameless girl had always loved the rain. She loved the rain during those late winter afternoons, when she sat down in the lit kitchen, her mother’s glowing smile from across the table driving all the fears away and her soft caring hands caressing her, telling her, in their own secret wordless language, that their love for her is unconditional, eternal. The sweet smell of the hot cocoa on the table would rise in the air and mix with the warm chocolaty surprises baking in the oven, with the promise of always having this home to come back to.

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