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Out Here

Welcome aboard! We’ve been waiting a long time for you to come. How was your journey? Not too rough, we hope? Are you tired? Are you hungry? Can we offer you something? Anything? There was a slight delay and we were beginning to think you might have changed your mind, but we sure are glad to see you haven’t, ha ha. We know. It may all be a bit overwhelming for you at the moment, but we promise that you’ll get the hang of it sooner than
you think.

Really, look at us. We were exactly in the same situation thirty-something years ago, not that we’re saying it’s going to take you that long. Na, today everything is easier than it used to be. Knowledge is more accessible. Before realizing it, you’ll find yourself knowing so many things without even remembering how you had learned them; without realizing how you actually know them; without understanding why you need to know them.

We won’t lie. In the first few months you might find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, sad, helpless, tired, anxious, and even scared. But this is only a temporary thing. We will be right here to guide you through it. After that, the exciting part will come. We promise. Seeing everything for the first time; realizing that you’re starting to comprehend what’s around you; being able to recognize familiar faces in your environment; new smells; new colors; new sounds. It’s all going to be so shiny and new to you. You’ll set on an amazing adventure, exploring this great big world just waiting for you to discover, out here with the rest of us. Oh little one, there is so much to see! We ourselves haven’t seen it all, and we’ve been around for quite some time now. We know what you’re thinking. You’re probably wondering where you are; how you even ended up here; why you’re here; who these people are; who we are; what do they want from you; why can’t you understand their funny language; how long will it take before you could speak their language; will you also look like them; like us; what’s the meaning of all of this; why couldn’t you stay there, inside, right? We told you. We’ve been there ourselves. It’s all about trial and error, this life.

Out here isn’t so bad, honestly. There is nature; there are the beautiful blue skies above to direct our wishes to and the warm, stable ground to put our feet on; there are the first blossoms of spring and the rustling fallen leaves of autumn; there is the song of the birds and the howling of the wind; there is the glowing sun and the melancholic rain; there are wonderful living creatures of all shapes and sizes, everywhere, all around us; there are smiles and laughter and kindness and happiness; there are good people; good souls, willing to have you in their lives; willing to open their hearts to you; there is hope; there is love. So know that all these things are also out here. Just because it’s difficult for us to see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. You see, they tend to hide from us, fearing that we will destroy them; fearing that we will consume them to the fullest until nothing will be left of them. While it may be the case more often than not, it’s not always so. In those magical rare moments, when life enables you, and only you, to peek through the folds of the enveloping veil; to peek through the keyhole of the locked door; to peek through the rungs of the shutters, you then realize that it was all worth it. All those frighteningly meaningless years that had gone by; all those disappointments; all those tears shed, all those griefs, all those fears and trampled dreams. It was all worth it. It is all worth it.

Yes, you will be hurt. Yes, you will be afraid. Yes, you will be alone. We all were. But not always. The choice is yours to make. So don’t despair our little one. Coming out here wasn’t a mistake. Your nine-months-long journey wasn’t a mistake. You are here for a reason and don’t forget it. This is not where your journey ends; this is where it begins. We will be here, guiding you, loving you, protecting you as much as we can. We won’t let life break you; we won’t let cruelty reach your heart. Great things are in store for you! So please join us, out here.

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